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Who we are

Our industry and academic partners provide resources, insight and access to data that is needed to deliver our programme successfully. 

Through participation on our Steering Group and Advisory Board, they are involved in planning and key decision making.

Interested in becoming a partner?

Our Partners

We are a collaborative programme, led by the University of Bristol and co-funded by Innovate UK & ESRC.

Steering Group & Advisory Board

Our Steering Group comprises of key stakeholder groups within the financial services sector; banking, fintech regulation, community groups & academia. They provide strategic direction and review programme delivery regularly to ensure it is meeting the needs of industry and community.

The Advisory Board has broader representation across our partners, and they provide valuable perspectives, critique, and analysis across all aspects of programme delivery. The group also support with accessing new networks and providing suitable resources to our audience. 

Interested in joining the Steering Group or Advisory Board?

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